Mr. Griffin is the questionable hero of H. G. Wells' 1897 book, The Invisible Man. As we learn near the end of the book, Griffin, whose hair was white, and whose "eyes were like garnets" suffered from albinism. It is never revealed what relationship his albinism has to the effects of the invisibility serum, if any. Griffin's arrogance leads him into petty criminal activities, and finally causes him to commit a murder. It is this final crime that leads to his being hunted down and killed by a mob. Griffin's first name is never revealed in Wells' book; he is simply known as either Griffin, or Mr. Griffin.  
  A disreputable character in the original book, Griffin has brought his most unlikeable traits into LXG. He is shown as a rapist, a murderer and a thief - a portrayal fully in keeping with the original character created by H. G. Wells.  
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