Making her appearance in Bram Stoker's Dracula, Wilhelmina (Mina) Harker (née Murray) is the fiancée, and later wife, of Jonathan Harker. Mr. Harker is the young real-estate lawyer who is the first to encounter Count Dracula in the vampire's home castle in Transylvania. After the Count is shipwrecked in England, he attacks and kills Mina's close friend, Lucy Westenra, then begins his depredations on Mina herself. When it is discovered that Lucy has become a vampire, and that the same fate awaits Mina should she also succumb to the vampiric attacks, the Harkers join forces with famed vampire-hunter Dr. Abraham van Helsing to destroy both the vampire and his victims.  
  In LXG, Mina has divorced Jonathan (unlikely in Victorian England) and is once again using her maiden name of Murray (even more unlikely in Victorian England). Given the amount of passion and effort that Jonathan expends in the battle to save his wife from the vampiric Count Dracula, I find it rather fantastic that he should immediately discard her in distaste once the battle is won.  
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